Special frequency converter for spinning frame

Wuxi JACT Electric Co., Ltd with completely intellectual property rights mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of the inverters. Our company is positioned to serve the industrial equipment manufacturers. On the basis of AC drive automatic control technology, we not only provide customers with practical products and convenient services continuously, but also individually tailored product and comprehensive solution for particular industry.

Model Series: AT550-CQ

Rated Power:7.5W-55kW

Rated Voltage: 380V

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Output Frequency: 0-800Hz


Vector control platform products, powerful, excellent performance, can be widely used in small and medium power applications, such as food machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic equipment, petroleum machinery, cable machinery, air compressors, machine tools, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment, chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

◇Designed with no fan and through wall installtion ,the VFD can be better satisfy the

requirement of spinnnig environment.

◇Coated with special three-proof paint, the internal control board can be used in

complex environments with high temperature and high humidity.

◇The cotton fiber prevention design can effectively prevent dust from entering the

inverter and improve the protection level, which is suitable for the harsh environment.

◇Adopt the vector control algorithm of international leading technology, high

performance and high precision motor control. Effectively improve the EMC of the

system, greatly reduce interference, and improve the adaptability of the system.