• Sand Washing Line

    Sand washing line

    2021/11/02 jact_elec

  • Inverter for textile machinery

    Inverter for textile machinery1、Rapid and stable tension control2、Large starting torque3、Excellent system synchronization

    2021/11/02 jact_elec

  • Wire drawing machine

    The wire drawing machine has high requirements for low frequency torque and tension control of frequency converter. The inverter of our company has reliable quality and optimized performance. It has b

    2021/11/02 jact_elec

  • Constant pressure water supply scheme

    Constant pressure water supply scheme1 Introduction Frequency conversion speed regulation technology is a new and mature AC motor speed regulation technology. It is widely used in the field of speed

    2020/12/02 jact_elec

  • Air compressor industry

    Our frequency converter is widely used in new air compressor, air compressor energy saving transformation and permanent magnet air compressor matching and other occasions.

    2020/12/17 jact_elec

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