Constant pressure water supply scheme

2020-12-02 10:38:35 jact_elec

Constant pressure water supply scheme

1 Introduction

 Frequency conversion speed regulation technology is a new and mature AC motor speed regulation technology. It is widely used in the field of speed control with its unique and excellent control performance, especially in the water supply industry. Due to the special needs of safe production and water supply quality, there are strict requirements on the constant pressure water supply pressure, so the frequency conversion speed regulation technology has been more in-depth application.

  2. AT500 constant pressure water supply special function

 The constant pressure water supply method has advanced technology, constant water pressure, convenient operation, reliable operation, energy saving, and high degree of automation. The following functions can be completed in the pump station water supply:

 (1) After setting the pressure, the inverter automatically performs PID control to maintain a constant water pressure;

 (2) Multiple pressures can be set, and customers can use terminals to switch to meet customers' various pressure requirements;

 (3) The UP/DOWN key can adjust the PID pressure setting value, and the PID parameters can be adjusted online according to needs;

 (4) The system sleeps and wakes up. When the outside world stops using water, the system is in sleep state, and wakes up automatically when there is water demand;

 (5) With the control cabinet, the control system can be operated manually/automatically, and multiple pumps can be switched automatically;

 (6) Water shortage and pressure gauge circuit protection detection alarm, signal display, etc.